Mar 7, 2012

The REAL Reason Mitt Can't Win

He has no true Spontaneous Support he needs to win!  He could never make a video like this, with supporters of all ages and unpaid. Because he doesn't have supporters like this or provoke such enthusiasm from anyone, especially in the under 30 age group. He will not beat Obama.
If you can't see WHO that MAN is in this election? Then  PLEASE.. .. sit back, relax, grab a beer, and don't vote, let us women  take this one. READ ON!
Fox news asked a while back... Who has the Single Women's vote?
As  a single woman..who prefers to remain single some time.. u guys are  alot of work (so don't go there) I can tell THE talking heads, and MEN?  out there.
WHAT MY GIRLFRIENDS AND I WANT. I hope you  can put down the play station for a moment? "Real Women Choose Ron Paul"  shirts was not a clear enough message for you guys...

WE WANT a REAL man! It's Dr. Ron Paul and the media, KNOWS it! They've known it for years now! We are everywhere. We are a massive group of women and have been promoting Paul since the last election and never stopped (join our huge group ladies if you haven't yet. Find a libertarian gal near you:) WE love the man and all he stands for. Carol Paul is the best example of a Real Woman, there is. She's my first lady... so back off..
We have never given up! We have always been here. No one ever bothered to ask us what we thought though! (We are rather busy with life and kids, and jobs, u might need a bigger poll and to not dial landlines like 1980 if you want a real count) LOOK UP MEN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
THIS year just "trust us..." Sometimes we give you more than you ever thought possible... NO, never? Then you've been around the wrong women. This is even more reason to take my advice NOW. Get some BALLS, or USE THEM and vote RON PAUL! Are there any men left with integrity like him?
That's why the single women vote is so crucial this year. Every boy should strive to be like Ron Paul. He's my hero and my role model. What girl doesn't want to marry her hero? So just stop biting the fake bait, please.
I of course can't speak for all women. But I'm telling you that I speak for most REAL WOMEN who respect MEN and know how to LOVE children right. (We haven't been out there dating you, we've been inside reading. You didn't teach or lead any of us anywhere. Do you know how boring a life it would be to spend with someone who sounds like everyone else and mimics TV? You need to start playing CATCH UP NOW. So register now
WOMEN can be RELENTLESS! If I were YOU. I would give up now (Huntsman, spreadingsantorum, newty, mitt, etc) running against Ron Paul and save your money before you waste it all. He is OUR PRESIDENT!
Remember to register to vote in primaries for Republican and vote for Paul (MY HERO) and I will bake you a cake. Just go to that video for more info on how to make your request. Yes I'll do pie or other...
I will be broadcasting this weekend again.. http:///

A Girls Guide to Liberty Radio Show
Been preparing for almost 4 years now. No way will we loose the women vote! Buy the G4RP t-shirt, "Real Women Vote Ron Paul"
Women WILL bring this one home for Ron Paul! So spread the message!* The VIDEO BELOW SHOULD CLEARLY EXPLAIN WHY AGAIN, IF YOU MISSED THE FIRST REASON!

~Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.~
Bring it, Perry Girl or Romney Chick!
Let me bake you a cake?
I want him to win that bad! Help spread the message! lol got that one too
Make your cake requests here:
And any haters who wan to post  there opinion, that's fine! I'm libertarian, don't moderate. Just all I  ask is you try to be original. They "talking points" anti Ron Paul stuff  is getting old. U can do better.
(details on how to prove registered on page) Friend me here & info is easy to update you on!
Go buy a "Real Women choose Ron Paul Shirt" ladies, and join on facebook.
Calendar 2012 coming out. This one will be made of real women supporters, not hired!
Just  trust a woman's intuition on this one please and register to vote for  Dr. Ron Freakin Paul! I know most of you watching already have. Well, I don't usuallly title a video with "babes" or "hot"
But was a  bit tired today of all the "male made" videos of "hot  women" with Ron  Paul message just superimposed on top. We have the real  thing ya know  too. Soo This is just another experiment:
See ya on inauguration day! I'll bring the weed brownies! (If I have enough eggs leftover.. MORE CAKE AND LESS WARS!
"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the Devil says "Oh crap, she's up!"

Who has the Single Women Vote? Ron Paul or None at ALL!

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