Mar 4, 2012

Do You Support the Troops?

Do you support the troops?

If this video doesn't give you goosebumps, you gotta come over to this side. ... It is so much more than just an election. This is a Revolution. Look at these people. LOOK. If you cry too, then I'm glad you are with me as we go into the Age of Aquarius. People will start to feel hopefully soon.

Here’s your big chance to support the troops.
Ron Paul 2012
(this based on donations,research,  and other factors I will explain more below)

Ron Paul and the Military
When people claim Ron Paul is "dangerous" on national security, his supporters (like me) point to his overwhelming financial support from the military, and think the troops know what is best for the troops! But still we get rebuted by htose who say they still support our troops. I just ask is it true support, or is it "I support the troops but first I support the mission being cariedout and war ended in MY WAY"

As of December 2011, he had received more money from service members than Barack Obama and all other Republican challengers combined. We’re not talking about large amounts of money (soldiers don’t make enough money to be big players in campaign finance), but still, the message seems pretty clear: Many members of our military are dissatisfied enough with what they perceive as the national-security status quo that they’re willing to invest in Ron Paul
He is the only GOP candidate to serve in the armed forces too. And I know he talks to more active duty soldiers than any other, because THEY COME TO HIM.

Now here is where the original post ended.------------

I have since been asked to supply links to this information. First off I mean clearly he has the most donations. But the statement that that translates to support" is one that needs proven I do see. I feel other evidence I have will prove this. First I've been told and believe this Libertarian Ann, this problem has a name ... "Cromwell's Rule" and it is best described here. 

Reason 1)
In Bayesian statistical inference, a prior probability distribution, often called simply the prior, of an uncertain quantity p (for example, suppose p is the proportion of voters who will vote for the politician named Smith in a future election) is the probability distribution that would express one's uncertainty about p before the "data" (for example, an opinion poll) is taken into account. It is meant to attribute uncertainty rather than randomness to the uncertain quantity. The unknown quantity may be a parameter or latent variable.One applies Bayes' theorem, multiplying the prior by the likelihood function and then normalizing, to get the posterior probability distribution, which is the conditional distribution of the uncertain quantity given the data.A prior is often the purely subjective assessment of an experienced expert. Some will choose a conjugate prior when they can, to make calculation of the posterior distribution easier.Parameters of prior distributions are called hyperparameters, to distinguish them from parameters of the model of the underlying data. For instance, if one is using a beta distribution to model the distribution of the parameter p of aBernoulli distribution, then:p is a parameter of the underlying system (Bernoulli distribution), andα and β are parameters of the prior distribution (beta distribution), hence hyperparameters.
Reason 2) Said well by:
Reid Davis Well im a vet and I support Ron Paul but the reason there is mixed support on a survey is because who you support is one thing how you support them is another and the ones that care enough to fork out dough fork it out to Paul the other candidates only have the support of an uninformed vote those vets aren't forking out $$ for their candidate the informed vet forks out $$
GOP presidential candidate and Air Force veteran Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) continues to highlight his strong support from members of the armed forces as he hits the campaign trail following his third-place finish in Iowa. And the numbers continue to bear him out, according to research by the Center for Responsive Politics.If you care, then End This War!  Street band has an awesome song in my opinion. It's not impossible! "there's still time for a Miracle"
Captured Live on Ustream at
Reason 3)
I must cite from this article by a Romney Supporter who states he is anevangelical for Mitt.)  He states the truth as I and many others see it (Perhaps in the south we see more military in our hometowns to talk to?)
"Almost every Ron Paul supporter I’ve ever known in the military (and I know quite a few) is in the “rubble doesn’t cause trouble” camp. They’re not idealistic about peace, and they don’t necessarily believe the rhetoric that if we leave Iraq and Afghanistan, we won’t get attacked.  They instead think we responded the wrong way to 9/11 and that the last ten years of costly war have proven them right.I disagree. I’m every bit as cynical about Middle Eastern culture, but I still think that we most effectively defend our country by the strategy we’ve pursued — upending hostile governments, defeating the jihadists where they live, and replacing the hostile governments with allies.
It would be a mistake, however, to believe that Ron Paul’s military supporters don’t have a coherent point. In fact, it’s far more coherent and defensible than the silly idealism fostered by the politically correct multiculturalism of the “three cups of tea” crowd. Additionally, if Obama’s proposed defense cuts actually happen, we’re more likely to see a modified Paul foreign policy — with fewer troops overseas and more reliance on air and naval assets to strike directly at threats rather than a heavy ground presence to change governments.I know there are many other reasons why troops support Ron Paul (quite a few embrace libertarian economic principles), but this post is an attempt to explain his support within a national-security framework — how some of the most hardened warriors I know enthusiastically embrace a man whom others say is soft on national security. They don’t see him as soft. They see him as realistic. I disagree (strongly), but it’s an argument that won’t be defeated by ridicule, and it’s an argument grounded in a cultural reality that few Americans have experienced."
Reason 4)
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – Today, it was confirmed that the campaign of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has raised more than any other current presidential candidate in donations from members of the military. Of those donors who indicated their occupation and employer, Paul topped the other contenders, a distinction he also achieved during his 2008 presidential run.
“Our fighting men and women take an oath to protect America, defend our Constitution and defend our borders,” said Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman, Jesse Benton. “They look at Ron Paul and see a leader who takes their oath seriously, and who will fight to ensure that we don’t misrepresent that oath by sending them off to police the world, instead of defending our country.”

Images proof:



Reason 5) Jessie Anderson
Except that Ron Paul is the only one who has had people like me march for him in Washington DC or anywhere for that matter. Vets like me won't go out of their way to support the other candidates.

Reason 6) Quotes from Vets:

Just some quotes: I know they prove nothing... but these r just a few of many:
Lonnie R. Clinton I'm a Vietnam Vet! I thought Ron Paul was a kook! I was considered "FAR RIGHT" Blow them up and ask questions later! The thing that softened me up was seeing that Ron Paul is a constitutionalist! And just being directed to read about what he has to say and it made sense. I learned that the media misquoted or exaggerated what he stands for but my personal research of the man changed my mind. Fox news was almost as important to me as my Bible! I learned they are part of the problem themselves! When I saw the media...all of them..including fox was surpressing him...then I studied the man even more! Now I'm a "dyed in the wool" Ronbot! hehehe
Larry Kenyon I am a vet that supports RP for what it is worth
We,ll see how well he does in Georgia. Lots of military there. We are retired military and we have supported Ron Paul since the 80's. Those who really pay attention to what is going on in DC will support Ron Paul Too many just live it up and don't give a damn for their kids and posterity. Too many of us have had an easy life and most of us at the expense of war. Ron Paul knows what to do with the DC crowd.

Tom McClain I'm a Vet from Colorado Springs, a town that is over 30% military vets with 4 Air Force facilities and 1 Army base. Most of my Vet friends, active duty and retired support Ron Paul and I know a lot of Vets.
I'm a 56 yo vet and I already voted for Ron Paul. The old retired folks, however, want "stability" above all. They view Romney as status quo - don't rock my Social Security boat. They are beyond a Revolution.

David Carrodeguas I'm a vet, I support Ron Paul, I know some vets who do not, I know more vets that do... Infact it seems that out of the members from my unit when I was deployed, those who I have as friends on here and there families most of them support Ron Paul as well.
Ken Hamner Well Ann, the real source is the campaign finance reporting data. It's public record, and every person who contributes has to report who their employer is. That's why RP can say he gets "more contributions from Active Duty military than all the other candidates combined." Stick with that.
Phrases like "overwhelming support from veterans" are not accurate or supportable, although you can look around the internet and not find much action on any Veterans for RomneyBamaGrinchtorum.
Scott Govoni I'm a war veteran too and I support Ron Paul Ann. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Ron Paul received more donations from active duty military than all the other candidates combined including more donations than Obama.

Алишя Григорова Funny, I am a veteran and I support Ron Paul. My half brother, currently active duty air force, not only supports him now but voted for him last election. Further, I have have many friends who are veterans both on and off active duty who support him as well. In fact, I only know 2 other veterans who do not support him, but they are die hard liberals to say the least!
Mike Troy I'm Active. I don't know a single Romney, Newt or Santorum supporter among my brethren. The only other candidate I ever heard support for in my unit was Cain. Around these parts, seems to be Paul and *cringe* Pres Obama.
Shawn Lynch From what I have seen here, you have two differnet arguments going on and need to clear this up with him. You are arguing the FACT that an overwhelming majority of military support Ron Paul financially. He is taking this as an overwhelming majority of vets simply "support" Ron Paul idealogically. He is probably right in that there is an overwhelming majority of duped knuckleheads in the military that support the establishment candidates in ideas. But the vets he's talking about aren't opening their wallets like the vets who support Ron Paul. :-)
Marie Wnek
There are those in the military who really love war and killing and telling other people how to live their lives. Ron Paul has absolute faith in God and will not send people to kill. He believes in a strong defense and going to war if attacked and the war is declared by the Congress. If you know anyone in military or law enforcement, encourage them to join Oath Keepers or at least have them learn about that group. Kent State kids would be alive today and the people burned to death at the David Koresh compound would be alive. It is unbelievable that our Military would use Flame Throwers and tanks against American Citizens but they did.
There are those in the military who really love war and killing and telling other people how to live their lives. Ron Paul has absolute faith in God and will not send people to kill. He believes in a strong defense and going to war if attacked and the war is declared by the Congress. If you know anyone in military or law enforcement, encourage them to join Oath Keepers or at least have them learn about that group. Kent State kids would be alive today and the people burned to death at the David Koresh compound would be alive. It is unbelievable that our Military would use Flame Throwers and tanks against American Citizens but they did.
I support Our Military..They believe these wars are wrong..I believe they are right.Thier boots are on the ground not some President or washed out House speaker Patholigical war Mongering Lier, Not some Romney socialist care and He would have signed the NDAA act and the Cosponser to detain American citizens Mcain has endorsed Romney that disqulifies him, Or Santorum war mongering Guess what Satorum who professes to be pro-life War kills and also kills Innocent babies, Women and children..Ron Paul to bring our troops home and make our worls a safer place..Ron Paul 2012 everyone Our Military is having a March on washinton Feburary 20th all Ron and Rand Paul supporters get your butts there and fall in line behind Our Military..amen!!!

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