Aug 27, 2015

So how much does it cost to run for president? I know I'm a little bit late but I had some more important things to do. But it's not too late I know that! I will run on the platform of not running anybody's life so get back to me and maybe we can come up with the funds I don't know when the final date is. But let's do this so I can kick some ass for everyone out there who is awesome and not a sellout. I'll run with my name. Bob Ross is my Vp already. Bob Ross is my Spirit Animal This is no joke. I've been busy having a life and all but then I come on and I see this these insane people and I'm like well let's just go ahead and run Brooke because Why not? I got the good and chills and I'm never lost a campaign ever I was city council president I was elected for every year of my life I've never not won an election so this will be a first if I lost. And come on really Hillery Clinton Sarah Palin or me they can lower the age 2 years

from Ann