Sep 10, 2012

Another Way Out for Ron Paul Supporters?

Think about this:
Another way to end the corrupted government at the same time. Freedom Lovers Move down to Texas (Free State Project South Campus?) We plan, then elect Ron Paul to Governor, we secede when we must protect ourselves and he becomes President Paul, then several years later (6-8 roughly) we will have slowly transitioned to no government at all (If your scared of that, I'll put a sign up and call it Gov't so you feel safe, OK) a truly free society! F the Corrupt System!

(This is just  aclip of Eustace Mullins reiterating the fact that we could all grow some balls and it is OK to do what you want!)
I Can't live here with any integrity, if we continue this way. TAKE OUT A LIEN ON THE WHITE HOUSE, CHARGE RENT! TAKE ONE ON THE PENTAGON TOO. Anarcho Capitalist Voluntarist Freedom Lovers come on down to TEXAS! Ron Paul for Governor, Lieutenant Gov. will be anarchist libertarian like me(lol) or etc.Then we secede before the crash. Ron Paul steps down as we transition to anarchist freedom loving republic. EVERYONE can do it! We support you Alaska, Cayman Islands!

This also thwarts the NWO plans to kill off 2/3 of the population in order to easily control. Let's go ahead and split up for them, before they get a chance to control us. WE develop a side economy and free trade with other independent from NATO nations!
It stops the North American union plan and the transcorridor highway connecting Mexico and Canada, can't be built without Texas!!!! Hell no is that happening. We already have the Alamo, let's go! Ron Paul is only President that has the will power to resist the power and step down.

They can't kill us off as easy with vaccines and geo-weather engineering, and cancer, etc. If we are a sovereign nation. Beside all of the world population can fit comfortably in Texas too (proven stats) Come on down, pick a city. DAllas, Austin, San Antonio, they are all different! Maybe I'm a dreamer, but somebody has to keep the dream alive? Look at the alternatives. Let's have legalized plants, free energy (via Tesla's) no cancer! Join: OR HERE:
I love America I'm appalled by our government and I won't stand for it anymore! With the internet, how hard could a revolution be? WE are already in it, don't stop now. The system has failed us. Change the system!
I admit I still have to run it by Carol Paul, but I'll call or email her today ans see what she thinks. Maybe have her on the show, if I hurry up and talk to her today. It's really her call now folks, lol. I say let the best family chill out in the governors mansion here in Texas. We wait maybe a year into his term of office ad Gov. and then we pull out as the dollar crashes. We go back to the gold standard of course. We are already trading it in Texas and setting this up. Come on down, people, it's the best place ever. Texas Women ain't too bad either.