Sep 10, 2012

Eustace Mullins Workshop in Denver, August 2000

Workshop during the Global Sciences Congress in Denver, August 2000.

"Africa never had good medical care" "Federal Reserve" "Fedwatchers" Speculation Acceptances Rothschilds "Paul Warburg" "International Acceptance Corporation" "Secret Meeting Jekyll Island 1910" "Panic of 1907" "Banking Reform" "president Theodore Roosevelt" "National Monetary Commission 1908" "First Name Club" "Republicans and Democrats" "Nelson Aldridge" "Woodrow Wilson" Rockefeller "President Taft" "Congressman Charles Lindbergh" "Lindbergh Museum" "Congressman Carter Glass" "triumph of democracy" "Senator Harry Bird" "Kuhn, Loeb & Co" "Senator Willis Robertson" "Senate Banking Commission" "Pat Robertson" "Christmas vacation" "Central banks always bankrupt the countries" "J.P. Morgan" "Henry P. Davison" "American Red Cross" "Alan Greenspan" "World War I" "400 million dollars" "German Kaiser" "World War II" "Pearl Harbor" "Japanese attack" "George C. Marshall" "Bernard Baruch" "Central banks constantly plan wars" "Ezra Pound: Wars are created to make debt" "War gives you the Big Money" "Cost Plus Ten Percent" "Ezra Pound on Radio Rome" Sicily "If you have a central bank behind it, real strategy in war is not how to win it, but how to keep it as long as possible" "Hitler was financed by the Bank of England, governor Montagu Norman" "Hitler was disliked by the German manufacturing class" "Hitler was broke when he went into office in 1933, so we had to fly a couple of lawyers to Cologne to meet with him and to assure him that he would get the money to keep it going" "War crimes trials" "John Foster Dulles" "Alan Dulles" "Sullivan & Cromwell" "Henry Schröder Company of London" "F.C. Tiarks" "Lieutenant General Schroeder" Nuremberg trials "The only reason for the Nuremberg trials was that they wanted to silence the German generals who had knowledge about all this, duplicity, and how the Bank of England had financed Hitler" "The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is called the money center bank" "All the Federal Reserve power is in New York" "George Baker" "Harvard School of Business" "George Baker made an investment of 25 million dollars to assure that the students in Harvard would never been told of anything what's going on, would never find out what they have been doing" "No long term development strategy for Harvard Business School students, only short term profits, which is very destructive" "The Federal Reserve controls the economy through two ways. One is the interest rate, but the real operation is done through what is called The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee" "Time Magazine founded by the bankers in 1923" "Alan Greenspan is just doing what he's told to do" "Henry Gonzalez, chairman House Banking Committee" "Ross Perot" "Richard Nixon" "Nothing for nothing" "Bill Gates" "The Federal Reserve is a system of robbery, because they take money from people and give nothing in return" "mortgage rates" 52:00 "John D. Rockefeller" "Rockefeller Foundation" AMA "Income Tax" IRS 1:02:00