Mar 26, 2012

Mud Wrestle with Romney Girl

I'm just asking for her to come out from hiding? If GOP plans on making Romney or any of the 3 "leading" (crock of S#it, BTW) candidates... why can't they come up with at least one girl to stand up for them. (We have plenty for Ron Paul. If I am taken out, we have backups in the 10,000's ready to go. Why can't the other GOP guys produce such LOVING support among females in the country? WAKE UP ESTABLISHMENT OR LOSE YOU ASS TO OBAMA. You WON"T have my support. I won't vote for anyone evil regardless of party. Don't be so stupid. THe under 30 generation will kick you out in just a few years, you can either go nicely with less pain or we can make this difficult and serve a few more of you with criminal charges for what's been going on. We aren't stupid. Im a dumb blonde and I SEE THROUGH you. Game is over. GO ahead and keep up the pathetic Lame stream Media act, WE WILL SEE YOUR ASS AT THE BROKERED CONVENTION. I don't think you know what a lot of pissed off women can do when provoked. Start playing fair, or we will have to regulate ourselves and it won't be pretty for you. Wake up BIBLE BELT. I know thery ar ejacking with your votes, but still you needed to step it up.
MSM and GOP, just know that whatever happens in 2012, everyone already knows what you have done and we will not forgive you for it. This is not a funny haha election (maybe the funny haha video got you here) but wise up and snap some sense into you're own dignity & realize this is more important than your job or your paycheck, or your friends, this is the future of the country and you are robbing all of our future children for it. People are waking up.... be scared, stay scared, that's what you did to us for so long. And drop the Iran thing, you have got to move on... it looks kinda pathetic from here. Right and LEFT mean nothing, they are just playing us agiain for another round of for years. Why won't the older generation WAKE UP. Visit (almost have it done) and learn something. PEACE, but we are not surrendering to any defeat any time soon.