Nov 3, 2009

Who is Debra Medina?

My favorite things about her (I have more than 3): Her attitude towards abortion (it's what made her start in politics) the fact that she home schooled her kids, and she is fighting against force vaccines that kill our kids! Plus she is a real Texan. (of course, limited govern. taxes, etc issues don't hurt either)

I would be a happy girl if my governor were Medina, my President was Ron Paul, and my Vice Pres Sarah Palin!

Born in Beeville and raised on a South Texas farm, Debra Medina is a wife and mother, a registered nurse, a businesswoman, a rancher and a fighter.
Debra has always drawn strength from the courage of her convictions. She first got involved in politics in the early 1990s, when she saw that local leaders were not honoring the pro-life principles that guide her beliefs. Now chairing the Republican Party of Wharton County, she took the Republican Party of Texas to court in 2008 over violations in how the state convention was run.
Standing up to Goliaths is pretty much what Debra does.
She homeschooled both her children long before homeschooling had the kind of support and visibility it has today. She graduated from San Antonio’s Baptist Memorial Hospital System School of Nursing in 1984, and later earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the evangelical Christian Le Tourneau University. In 2002, she founded her own business, Prudentia Inc., which specializes in improving medical billing procedures.
Through it all, Debra has waged and won battles that were not always popular – battles that often demanded uncompromising personal sacrifice. But this kind of strength is no surprise. After all, one of her ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War.  Another lost his life in the fall of 1842 in the Dawson Massacre near San Antonio, fighting to preserve Texas independence.
Today, Debra Medina continues this legacy. She stands solidly on the principles of limited government, a sound economy, individual liberty and the inviolable importance of family, community and faith.
Relationship Status:
Married to Noe Medina
Beeville, TX
Political Views:
Religious Views:
Debra Medina is our Republican candidate for Governor of Texas. She is running because we Texans need a governor who truly fights to protect us from intrusive government. Our current elected officials have forgotten about serving Texans. They have brought economic ruin to our nation and failed us at home. Despite saying “just the right things” in their campaign speeches, our current elected officials have allowed increased federal government burdens, encroached on our families’ economic and social well-being, and promoted increased state control over our lives and liberties. Debra knows that our greatness resides in the determination and ingenuity of our people, not in the government. Debra Medina is a true conservative and has been active in the Republican Party for 17 years. She has been married to her husband Noe for 26 years, and they have homeschooled and raised two children into responsible adults. She has served as the Wharton County Republican Party Chair and is currently the Campaign for Liberty Texas state coordinator. Debra is also the founder and CEO of Prudentia Inc., a medical consulting firm. Debra is a proud seventh generation Texan. Debra's ancestor, Nathan Rice, fought in the revolutionary war. Another was killed in the Dawson Massacre near Salado Creek outside San Antonio in September 1842. Debra Medina has been a tireless advocate of private property rights, gun ownership, individual responsibility, Texas sovereignty, border security, and most importantly adherence to the Constitution. She has actively opposed big government, taxes, bailouts, mandatory vaccinations, the TTC, and abortion. This election, we Texans cannot afford the same ol' state and federal leadership. We can do better. We need a governor who loves and fights for freedom.

Debra Medina for Texas Governor 2010

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