Nov 3, 2009

State Sovereignty

State Sovereignty

We must demand that our elected officials support and respect the 10th amendment and Texas sovereignty. The U.S. Constitution not only protects citizens' freedoms in the Bill of Rights, it also divides power between the federal and state governments and ultimately reserves final authority for the people themselves. Texas must stop the over reaching federal government and nullify federal mandates in agriculture, energy, education, healthcare, industry, and any other areas D.C. is not granted authority by Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.
Early in our history, many argued against forming a union fearing that the federal government would gain too much power over the state. Thomas Jefferson reassured the states that that could never happen. The states, he said, being sovereign and indepent, have the "unquestionable right to judge of the infraction." It is our right as a state. It is our duty as a state to recognize when Washington D.C. is stepping outside its constitutional bounds. Jefferson further commented that nullification by the states of all unauthorized acts is the rightful remedy.
The Constitution of the United States is a contract between "We the People" to form a limited federal government composed of sovereign states. It creates a republican form of government. Any power not expressly granted to the federal government is reserved for the states and for the people. Like any party to a contract, Texas must stand up and push back against any attempts to abuse the Constitution or abuse the inalienable rights granted by our Creator.
We must use the tools of nullification and interposition aggressively if we are going to restore state sovereignty in Texas, if we are going to secure for all Texans a freedom to work and prosper as we choose and as we direct. As individuals, as parents, as families, and as Texans we must be courageous enough to say NO when Washington oversteps its bounds. We Texans have always believed that the individual and the family are the foundation of America's greatness. We Texans know what's best for our families. We know best how to manage our lives, we know best how to raise our children, and we know best how to spend our money.
By asserting her Constitutional sovereignty, Texas can protect her citizens and provide them the opportunity to succeed. Governor Perry and Senator Hutchison have done nothing to stop the overreach of Washington D.C. In fact, I would argue that they have pursued Washington's intervention and assistance making Texas not only more dependent but subservient to the federal government. As Governor, I will uphold my oath to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution. I will fight back against federal laws that unconstitutionally interfere with the lives of Texans. Texans know best how to manage our own families and our businesses. When I become governor, Texas will lead the nation in declaring sovereignty for the people.
Texas can lead. Texas will lead.

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