Jul 17, 2015

I'm on strike against the keyboard. Especially in this QWERTY format. It makes no sense? I may, from time to time, such as now for some reason, find the willpower inside to use my fingers like a robot type like this, but I wont like it and my hands are already bored. You can communicate with me through the Postal System I guess? But I hear they aren't too reliable either. I don't mind not talking to anyone. I can read your digital text but I wont resspond normally cause well I hate the chaair and the keyboard and I've trie dthem all. I just like being away from electronics. I can spell and won spelling b but i dont like to on here cause I never passed keyboaardsing. will I just didn't pass keyboarding in hoghschool and sneaked by and somehow graduated college with out having to type too. I do't like it. I like my pen and paper and a spell cher that is ME. and only correspond in cursive as I was taught and if you judge me for learning my long hand properly then so be it!

from Artist Formerly Known As Ann http://ift.tt/1St3OlP