Aug 1, 2013

Video - How bout this. Remember my audience is not just you guys. How about we start of with a few random pointless and simple vids again to real in some that like to not be intimidated and instead love to intimidate and then we gradually change their perception f reality. This will be like group 4 for this year. The graduates of the "massive ass titties" video, if you were attracted here because of that video (which is still true) but if you are still here today kinda hearing me, then congratulations you graduated! As a request to all friends and foes please don't worry or ever think I could go full retard (although most, just can't help but state the obvious to themselves) but just respect the process here. At least let me be me, libertarians.... Thanks. jizz and cum are not bad words wither. And I am not a slut for saying that. Have you seen the old nun's sex talk show. Grow up. Judy Bloom uses the F word, let's evolve already.

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