Jul 31, 2013

Video - This dog and I would so get along! No one else, not in my family, would ever wait that long before getting it for him. I know it's hard to watch kids reach for what they want. But coming from a kid that never got to reach much because it was given to me too soon. Just be in peace and surrounds them in love. Kids, dogs, everyone, and have faith they can do it themselves. It's so much more rewarding for everyone to watch the one with the need fulfill it by themselves. Just don't take that experience away from your kids. They will learn so much by having to know when to give up and when to try a new tactic. I mean give it to them eventually, don't be a dick! lol. But you get my drift. This dog had it from the beginning. I know when I can sense doubt in others about my own ability, it makes living 10 times harder! I'd say one of the most important things I learned studying Child development psychology. If you give them instant gratification in first two years, then I propose that's one of the main factors in this "terrible twos" thing I hear about. I was never terrible. I have seen kids every day not terrible at two? Be careful kids remember everything even if not consciously. I mean on one level they are your child on another you are both should that are timeless. You can connect to them on both levels and that's how I work with kids on that soul level. I meet them above all the mess and we chill together laughing at the situation below. Guess who never ever learned to say no when they were 2 or 3 or 4, Me, I just found that out last year. Are parents ready to be told "no" too? Or are they on an authority trip. Apparently Libertarians and Anarchist parents tend to be more authoritarian with their kids than most would believe.

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