Jun 17, 2013

Yesterday was Bloomsday, June 16, and I have writer links that cover sex and death. - taken from source link "For the sex: James Joyce. "Facts About Bloomsday and Joyce's Ulysses" is from the blog Interesting Literature. Here is the Modern Library list of the 100 best novels of the 20th century, which gives the top ranking to Ulysses. The novel is No. 6 on the Radcliffe list. Edward Champion (the Iain Banks fan mentioned a few days ago) is reading all 100 Modern Library books and writing about them for his blog; you can follow his progress here. It will take him a little while until he gets to Ulysses but the next review will be for No. 77, Finnegans Wake. (Will he read the Finnegans Wake! blog?) In the meantime, Ted Gioia has three essays of interest as his Fractious Fiction site about experimental fiction: A piece about Joyce, an article about Ulysses and an article about Finnegans Wake. Hmmm, who else could Gioia write about if he's interested in experimental fiction?"

Facts about Bloomsday and Joyce's Ulysses

Every year, 16 June marks Bloomsday, the day on which fans of James Joyce's 1922 novel Ulysses celebrate this modernist masterpiece. June 16 was selected for this celebration because it is the day ...

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