Jul 24, 2012

ORIGINAL Interview with Mrs. Carol Paul! July 20th NEW UPDATES

Aimee Allen song ends @1:00 & the rest of Intro ends at @2:00 (If you cant bare to listen)
This was recorded Friday night July 20th and I'm just now getting the full version uploaded (I don't have "staff" to edit for me)

I Hope an Adam Kokesh or an Alex Jones listens to this... (hint hint)

We can't know EVERYTHING yet, and it's not enough to sell out Ron Paul out now, of all times! But if they have brand new info worth that, I'd like to see it. Cause selling out Ron Paul is not cool with me. I believe in him 100%. He stood up for us, before most of us were even born! Let's not be wimps now. That doesn't mean we need to be bitches either of the RNC. Not everything is a dichotomy, right? Libertarians and free thinkers...
@3:40 Well "they" are continuing campaign as usual and "getting ready" for Tampa. "All the Delegates know..." hmm (until youve talked ot every delegate personally, I don't want to hear your "theories or speculations" of what could happen. If you can't say something constructive just be quiet please.
@4:32 Seems she approves of Lawyers and Lawsuits (maybe we can lay of lawyers 4 Ron Paul a bit now (Carlos, if u read this tell me) and see they are just trying to do all they can and care. And realize there are actually people that are not looking to make a buck of the liberty movement momentum. You'd think "Ron Paul Girl" made a buck or two right? haha. No way, don't even use adsense) (BTW OBAMA girl got paid) Do people forget in the campaign and in other paid positions that there are hundreds of people like me that would work harder and better for them and do it for FREE. Stop paying people on staff. Your "staff" is your supporters and BASE! Carol, like all of us who have eyes, KNOWS there was election fraud. Her and Ron can't do anything about it, neither can campaign, but independent lawyers like Richard Gilbert can and are. And why not?@5:30
@10:03 Why hurt his feelings Alex Jones, etc,?
@7:39 She tells the truth.
@8:11 Adam Kokesh might want to listen to?
@8:32 Just Ask The Source.
@12:18: On the 19th grandchild
@9:22 Take ROn's personality into consideration Mr. jones.
@13:00 it fit into the topic of babies, but didn't plan to put it there. If your pro-life, u might like http://birthmommission.com
@13:55 We already know kids love Ron Paul. But I made http://kids4ronpaul.com a a few months ago... If you are a kid watching: You kids can do a lot even without a vote!
@15:05 She talks about Paul Festival and there plans (might change I bet) @17:41 Brian I tried
@31:12 Mckenna is the man. DMT is crap. Ayahuasca is where its at. But please you go to Amazon, not the reverse.(not for stoners) Joe can take his pod to Peru
@19:31 I start talking an we finish the show discussing interview (so FF if you want! but more Carol Paul at the end) @20:41 good advice for contact Jk @20:57 RP people know what I mean here @22:00 Seriously they are in late 70s when most retire. @23:42 I get a little excited. My "sometimes trusty sidekick" the Professor, tells me that Ron is on the ballot? or should be @25:00 another reason for lawyers on standby
@33:35 Dont even make a dumb ass comment about hoew stupid "this girl is" You don't know my style, don't be so inflated.
@29:49 Like my the Fuck the Fed shirts
@32:30 I address Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh: Don't we have to be the change we want to see? Right? Then maybe if you change your own ways of delegating and planning.. perhaps then you could look on Ron Paul and make judgments and I will not see the hypocrisy so obviously. How easy are you to access 4 people? Talk to us girls. We can help. You are not open to ideas from the "grassroots" (the really grassy ones) or open to ever learn anything of use from a "low level" liberty lover. Sounds like a Benton complex. I think you should check your BASE too! Just as you say Ron Paul Inc. should. @33:22 how it feels to not be able to get in touch with someone, only staff. @28:04 JUST GET YOUR BUTT TO TAMPA! @28:40 A few words on the Veterans March and to the Girls 4 Ron Paul
MOST IMPORTANT (besides finding your pineal gland and activating) JUST MAKE Ron Paul YOU'RE President. Screw what the "TV people" tell you is your leader. Just don't go along with it. Don't tune in. And guess what, THEY ARE GONE!
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