Jun 15, 2012

My interview with Mrs. Carol Paul!

So from the interview w Carol Wells Paul, she said that Rand never talked to her about his announcement. She said he is a grown man and so is Ron and nobody tells them what to do. She said Ron hopes to put out a video on Friday to all his supporters. She also was disheartened (or surprised) by the negative comments being posted about Ron lately, since he has such a long record of consistency. She did say many times how much she loves Ron'a supporters and how amazing she thinks it all is to see. Apparently the head of the Texas GOP convention sent them a letter about how wonderful the convention went and how wonderful it went. That's what I heard via this link too: later:http://texasgopvote.com/2012-texas-gop-convention/ron-paul-supporters-texas-gop-convention-acted-respectfully-were-intelligent-and-004290.
We also talked about quilting and, cooking without instructions, and how much she loves her little ones. Twin grandkids on the way. She has the gift of being a great mother and great hostess too! 24/7. She is a great role model for women my age, at least to me she is. It's not impossible to do it all... when you have all that love inside. She still crochets a blanket for every newborn and then a quilt for there graduation with there old shirts on it. (and i know she does much more) Ron's never lied once in the 60 years she's known him. That must be the secret to her success as a mother. It sure does take two to tango (at least if your going to tango right) What an awesome First Lady she will be. (still can ya be know)
I linked the interview below. We he had some technical issues. She is just too cute and I loved talking with her! I know people wanted to hear all about the political stuff, and we got to that. I was just much more interested in her domestic and motherly expertise! Without her, Ron couldn't have achieved all the things he has! This is her fan page I made: http://facebook.com/lovecarolpaul
I love Ron and carol Carol Wells Paul