Feb 4, 2012

Ron Paul Reception is REAL and Everywhere

I love the man. Love him for so many reasons, such as his integrity, but most of all because without him I doubt the freedom message would have EVER reached me. He saved my life to, in a strange way 9video on that) I love the message of Liberty for all. Host a radio show now "A Girls Guide to Liberty" because of him. Love Carol too! Join here- http://facebook.com/lovecarolpaul
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I'm STILL waiting for the other 3 girls to stop hiding. I'm already game for Obama girl, but why not a warm-up before? Like mud wrestle & talk foreign policy w/ Santorum girl, be sweet! Iran Oh my butt.
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I am no "love slut" either! Ayn Rand, reminded me by "loving" everyone you diminish its meaning and importance. So I'm NOT saying I "wish Ron Paul good intentions" or using the L word like a guy trying to get laid either! Or in a sick stalkerishy way either. I use "LOVE" to mean....a respect for someone because they make me want to be a better person. (I know) I guess that's why Ron Paul is my hero. "MEAN WHAT YOU SAY," I never realized how many people don't in just my daily life.

So I'll be real here: Hey, whether you like Ron Paul or not, I will keep the message going because I see a future you that is loving the same thing I am too. And that is a LOVE for everything REAL in life, everything AUTHENTIC, like Dr. Paul. I know you WILL see it someday.
I worry that some can't tell FAKE from REAL anymore. Like they cant tell if its a program writing this or a person. WAKE UP!
When people say "it's for the future generations" this man REALLY means it and is doing it. The others AND the 3 stooges especially- (those guys on stage w/ dr. paul) use words like dog food. But not Ron Paul. Now THAT is a hero for ya & a PRESIDENT you're kids can look up to for once. (And WOMEN are most RECEPTIVE of that and NOTICE) A WOMAN'S INTUITION, is to PROTECT her KIDS. We love Ron because he loves our kids enough to keep fighting this thing even when I knoe he could be enjoying time with grandkids at home) But he Loves YOUR KIDS and HIS enough to be 76 and putting up with MSM crap. "old people grumpy" hmm not Dr. Paul.
It's a Revolution happening and it is a wonderful time to be alive. Don't miss out on it. No one (not even the Bilderberg group or those 8 guys that run the world) can ever plan a revolution! That is what they hate so much about the coming and occuring awakening of information ans minds. A real REVOLUTION doesnt happen in most people's life time (and this is a LoVE R3valution too here) when it comes you feel it (hmm maybe thats part of the 2012 stuff)

So don't live in someone else's reality or culture's perception of reality. Everyone is different and unique... (u know that, but are you) but really no one is too far from the other to stay connected as humanity. I mean (if they can find their true reality)a type of one consciousness connecting us all.

And whatever "it" is connecting us, it is GOOD and bringing people together ("real people" tho NOT the zombies like Obama) and it's spreading more and more (OK Santorum RUINED that word forever for me) because of the integrity of a man named Ron Paul (Dr. Paul) who put up with 30 years of bashing, and lies, and jokes, just to stand for what HE knew was REAL. He really is the "last man standing" in Washington. Somebody had to do it. And it took someone from Texas (not saying cause were better) im just mentioning why not someone a little closer to D.C., so the air fees and communication with family just made it harder for him too! That's why I love Carol so much, she did this to!

If respect or admiration for an authentic person in the media is crazy, then call me crazy. Why cant some can't see it in this man? It's blaring at me!!! But if they are not real with themselves yet... well you have to do that before you see it in others. And it's who you are when you are alone that is your true self, and we are not alone much (without ipad). If true, then we should be approaching the "unawake" in a different way because until we help them honestly look at & find themselves, they will just hear us speaking gibberish to them.
So I'm just saying that maybe the reason a section of society (big one) wont except truth on Dr. Paul or the fed or anything real is because they honestly can't tell real from fake people anymore. Like some think im not real or paid or a "talking puppet"..... loved that one