Oct 8, 2009

The Top 10 Liberty Candidates for 2010

The Top 10 Liberty Candidates for 2010

These are none incumbants, or Ron Paul would be #1.
Posted at Tea Party Slate for 2010
# 1 Rand Paul-Senate-Kentucky-In my mind by a long shot. With over a million dollars raised since announcing and poll numbers showing him near dead even or beating Democratic challengers, he is top on the list. He is getting out in the state fast, hitting the local football games, GOP County meetings, tea parties, you name it. Going after the local voter is what will get him a primary win over a hand picked opponent with establishments backing.
#2 Peter Schiff-Senate-Connecticut-Also over a million dollars raised and in todays world money talks. He also has the personal wealth to make things happen. Being right about the largest financial collapse since the 30's, he has credibility on economic issues like no other. Come early next year the economy very well could be center stage again. Peter would also show the opponents in future debates, which can take a lesser know candidate to the front of the pack. If he starts to hit the ground campaigning his poll numbers will only rise.
#3 Adam Kokesh-Congress-New Mexico-3rd- He has a future that is not matched by any candidate on the list. A great speaker with a great background, if he sadly does not win, there is no doubt he will end up doing great things in another capacity. Raising a good amount of money for the task at hand and without a primary challenger, he can set his sight on the incumbant Ben Lujan.
#4 RJ Harris-Congress-Oklahoma-4th- He has been active in the movement from day one. He got out early and has campaigned hard. Facing an entreched incumbant will be no easy job. But no doubt he would be a huge advocate for everything we believe in if elected. A recent internal poll showed him very competetive with his primary opponent and this is before the campaign has heated up.
#5 Debra Medina-Governor-Texas- Debra Medina is a true Tea Party candidate. She worked hard in the state delegate fight, even sueing the party for their obvious rules violations. The Texas Governors race is being dominated by two people who represent what is wrong with politics and the people running our government. Debra is gaining traction with real conservatives and with the childish squabling from her challengers, she has a huge opening. Texas forces run offs if a candidate does not get 50% in first round. Debra will play the kind maker and stir some things up doing it.
#6 Randy Brogdon-Governor-Oklahoma- Randy already has elected experience being a current State Senator, former Mayor and City Councilman. Standing up for state sovereignty is one of the best ways to fight an over reaching Federal Government. He is getting local media coverage and is doing all the right things to win a big office. Oklahoma is a great place for that kind of message.
#7 John Dennis-California-8th- This is a huge seat. Going straight for the jugular vs Nancy Pelosi, a speaker who represents what is going wrong today. He is getting support from the liberty grassroots raising over $10,000 on Sept 30th, the last day of quarter. His race is of significant importance for a simple reason. If he gets to go one on one with Nancy Pelosi, the party will have to take notice, even if the national king makers don't, there will be a natural effort to put pressure on Pelosi by giving her challenger some coverage.
#8 Jake Towne-Congress-Pennsylvania-15th- In a Ron Paul friendly area of Pennsylvania being an original Tea Partier is a very good thing. The Allentown area gave Dr. Paul around 17% of the votes in the 2008 primary. Jake is one of the most active online candidates frequently posting articles that get read by many close to the movement. Charlie Dent, the incumbant, is looking for a tuff general challenge in primary and if anything happens and he does not run, Towne will be right there in an important seat for Republicans to hold.
#9 Pat Anderson-Governor-Minnesota- She is the former State Auditor and a former Mayor. Pat Anderson is a great Constitutional, limited government fighter. She knows how the state is in fiscal jeopardy and is trying to sound the alarm. Pawlenty is not running so this race is wide open. If you don't know about her yet, make sure you do.
#10 Jon Del Arroz-Congress-California-11th- Already being mentioned at politico.com, Jon Del Arroz, a successful businessman, has some good company in California. Congressman Tom McClintock, Assemblyman and U.S. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore, and Congressional candidates John Dennis are all potential allies for Arroz. Fundraising will not be an issue, he put a quarter million of his own into

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