Oct 6, 2009

Swine Flu Martial Law Bill

MA S. 2028 - Swine Flu Martial Law Bill - Moves THURSDAY!!! Help Needed in Mass!!

Howdy Folks,
I know how valuable your time is these days, so I’ll get right to the point. As you probably know MassLPA members have been relentless in our lobbying efforts and the vaccine awareness campaign. I’m pleased to say that we hit the State House like a hurricane and brought immediate attention to S. 2028, the Pandemic bill. Several MSM interviews later and the tides quickly began to change. Unfortunately, we knew this was only a temporary victory.
Today I received a late morning call from a State House aid (spotter) that said S. 2028 WILL be moving this Thursday. We already know through previous reports that the House Ways and Means Committee was removing some of the constitutional concerns and redundant provisions that currently exist in MGL. NOTE: It’s a common tactic to add a lot of fluff to a controversial bill in hopes that the public will perceive that they actually got something in the compromise, when if fact their is no net gain to be realized.
There are two possible outcomes here. One would result in KILLING S. 2028 for good and the other would move the battleground to the House. Here’s the plan:
Like I said, we already know some of the things that will likely be removed. If we launch a 48 hour call campaign and rail against things that have already been addressed, S. 2028 will move on to the House effortlessly. We need to focus on those things that have NOT been removed, like liability exemption. Liability concerns are a key issue because government officials are having a really hard time getting medical professionals to cooperate. In fact, medical personnel in NY are having their jobs and licenses threatened if they don’t comply. If they were to remain liable for health negligence, this alone would push a whole bunch more over the edge too and further impact government vaccination plans.
Another good talking point is to remind them that since government agencies arbitrarily lowered standards in reaction to vaccine makers scaling back testing and trials, this translates to a blatant, unnecessary and avoidable risk to public health and safety. We MUST make this a “public health and safety” issue! There’s absolutely no incentive for caution if nobody can be held liable. Tell your Representative that you’ll hold them personally responsible if anyone dies due to their apathy and corporate appeasement. Remind them that the next required vaccination will be for the “A1S8 Fed Flu” during the 2010 election.
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